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Single Family Dwelling Erfurt, Windischholzhausen

Project Single Family Dwelling
Location Erfurt, Windischholzhausen
Completion 2001
WFloor area 143,53 qm extendable to 242,53 qm
Building costs 206,650 Euro


The aim of the project was to achieve clarity, structure and openness on the one hand and intimate private retrieval zones on the other. An interaction between inside and outside should be created by using appropriate means in a modern architectural language.


The site is situated on the threshold of the old historic core of the village and a newly built housing estate. The house sits on a narrow plot in north- south orientation giving maximum usable garden space to the south side.

Design Concept

The main theme of the concept is the clear separation of living and service areas. This creates a variety of nodes and viewpoints as well as allowing to see through. The gradual transition from internal to external space achieves a spatial impression, which makes the house on this narrow plot appear bigger than it really is.


The external appearance reflects the internal layout of the house and the internal functions can clearly be read from the outside. The service areas located in the east are separated from the main building by means of a flat-roofed extension. This timber- clad extension also offers protection from views. On the contrary, the south and west facades


The open plan spaces on the ground floor in connection with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors allow a flexible use and experience of the internal spaces in the house. These viewpoints together with a light steel staircase create exciting spatial impressions. The living area opens up into the garden by means of a south- west oriented glass fa¨ade, which can be opened across the entire width of the ground floor.

Access to the upper floor is via a small corridor leading to the bedrooms and ending in a well-lit reading area. Two bathrooms are also located on the upper floor – one for the parents and the other the childrenÕs bathroom. Continuing window bands across the whole length of the building provide an even natural light to the corridor as well as the adjacent rooms. Walk-in wardrobes eliminate the need for wardrobes in bedrooms and conform to the clientÕs desire of minimalist interiors.

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