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Initial roofing restyling situation underground railway station Halle-Neustadt

Project Initial roofing restyling situation underground railway station
Location Halle-Neustadt
Builder DB Station & Service AG, Leipzig
Processing state Planning


It was no longer economic to operate and maintain the partly destroyed buildings serving as the station exit as they were severely limited in their function. The aim was therefore, to develop a cost-effective scheme for the redesign of the station environment. This concept had to respond to the requirements of the Railway, allow for a safe journey of the passengers and reflect the urban context of the surroundings.

City-Structural Arrangement

The scheme dissolves the bulk of the existing south building into separate building parts (stairs, lift and collector). The three building parts, which were arranged in a u-shape, reflect the contours of the old building but at the same time they frame a spacious open square. The boundaries of this newly created open space are formed by the collector building and mark the end of a pedestrian precinct from the city centre. Thus, it marks the transition from pedestrian movement to public transport.


The building appears light and airy and allows the arriving passenger to orientate in the space without dominating the design of the square. The glass and steel construction of the staircase rest of a base made of concrete. The construction consists of a primary grid of columns with a secondary grid of glazing, which matches the Deutsche Bahn design principle. Due to the leaning of the entire glass building it was possible to use simple rectangular glazing panels, which require low-maintenance. A stainless steel panel on the stair landing serves for passenger information and orientation.

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