Gundula Linse - Architect
Am Schwemmbach 53
D-99099 Erfurt
Tel +49-361-2629356


»Boundaries define the space –
design creates its quality.«

No matter whether you plan the design of a new building, the conversion of an existing building or the interior design of a dwelling house, an office space, a shop or a restaurant, each project has to be tailored to its specific purpose. Architecture is individual in its aims, complexity and importantly its budget available. However, one thing all design projects have in common:

The spaces we design in our head always combine the ambience with functionality. It is important that the object / design suits you. In any case, you will receive a tailor-made scheme, which is unique, individual and genuine.

In order to achieve this ambition, we allow sufficient time for each project to explore new and innovative ideas and develop professional solutions.

To begin with, we take a view into the future together with you. We work in 3D and can produce photographic and coloured images of your designs if you so wish.

During implementation of the project we aim for a close collaboration in the building team. The dialogue with our clients is of particular importance for us to develop individual solutions.

Our practice claims to combine functionality and design with quality and economy. Frequent client communication is crucial to inform and advise him/her individually, comprehensively and unbiased. The aspirations of the clients as well as the budget always take the first priority in our approach to design.

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